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Muğla / Köyceğiz
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A warm welcome from Vision Estate to you. Koycegiz is a delightful Town which lies at the northern end of Koycegiz Lake between Marmaris and Fethiye, an environment which is being preserved as a nature and wildlife sanctuary.

The view from the lakeside, where you can choose from a large number of places to relax and enjoy a refreshing drink, is breathtaking.

You can also rent private or public boats to take you through the maze of river channels, perhaps taking in a visit to the nearby beautiful village of Dalyan which boasts the magnificent Rock Tombs, carved into the cliff face above the ancient city of Caunos.

You can take a trip to the long, golden, sandy heaven which is Iztuzu beach, also a nature conservation for the sea turtles (Caretta caretta) and blue crabs. Or just relax aboard the boat taking in the wonderful scenery, stopping for lunch at one of the many restaurants which line the waterways.

On Mondays the town fills with an array of stalls selling everything from clothing to fruit and vegetables, and household wares, at the well known Koycegiz market. People (Turkish and holiday makers) from all over the locality step off the Dolmus (local transport) to enjoy the hustle and bustle.

There are plenty of shops and restaurants in Koycegiz, and beautiful scenery provided by the mountains and of course the lake.

Koycegiz is located only 1 hour from the popular and cosmopolitan resort of Marmaris and Fethiye, 30 minutes from the beautiful village of Dalyan, and Dalaman airport, Koycegiz is an ideal place to purchase or build your dream house, whether it will be a permanent residence or somewhere to escape to when you need a location which provides both entertainment or relaxation, not to mention the beautiful weather and scenery that Turkey is famous for.

Koycegiz - Ortaca............20 km

Koycegiz - Dalaman..........30 km

Koycegiz - Marmaris.........60 km

Koycegiz – Muğla............60 km

Koycegiz - Fethiye..........80 km

Koycegiz - Datça...........133 km

Koycegiz - Bodrum..........197 km

Koycegiz - İzmir.............280 km


Dalyan is just 30 minutes from Dalaman (Muğla) airport, and was destined to become a centre for large-scale tourism development. Plans changed, however, in the mid 80's when it was discovered that the beautiful spit of sandy beach is a nesting ground for the rare Caretta Caretta or loggerhead turtles which lay their eggs here in the clean fine sand. Dalyan, has remained, therefore, a sleepy heaven, its unspoilt nature protected by strict regulations which mean that the beach is not accessible after dark.

Dalyan is on a river delta, its narrow waterways are surrounded by reed beds. The small town is set to a backdrop of stunning mountains, the river is overlooked by ancient Lycian-style tombs carved high into the rock face. There are some good restaurants on the riverfront and the main street which is home to a selection of restaurants and shops and a few bars. The town itself is flat and easy to get around. Boats depart regularly from the riverfront for the short trip to İztuzu beach, approximately 40 minutes away. It is a beautiful beach of fine, golden sand gently shelving into the sea. The Times has announced Dalyan's Iztuzu Beach as the Best Open Space (Europe) category winner, in 'The Green Spaces Travel Awards 2008'. Since there is no development here, there is not much when it comes to facilities. So it is best to come prepared. The beach can also be reached by ‘dolmuş’.

Those who stay in Dalyan have a choice of self-catering and hotel accommodation, from 4 star hotels to simple pensions. Most are built in traditional style to fit in with the natural setting, and many are set on the beautiful riverfront. Many people, however, visit Dalyan on a day-trip by boat from nearby resorts such as Marmaris and Fethiye.

The ruins of the ancient city of Caunos are close by and can by reached by boat or on foot. It was originally on the sea, but its harbour gradually silted up and felt into disuse. It has only been partially excavated but the remains are extensive and include a theatre dating from the 2nd century BC, Roman baths, temple of Apollo and agora or marketplace.

Close to Dalyan are the thermal springs and mudbaths of Ihca and Sultaniye, which are reputed to have many health-giving powers and are a fun and relaxing way to unwind.


Alanya is a pretty town located on the coast of the Mediterranean sea and surrounded by high mountains, wide green meadows, plateaus and innumerable rivers.

This little town of the Mediterranean Coast possesses the typical climate of this region with 300 days of sunshine and temperatures rarely going below10 degrees in the winter.

Filled with the traces of history interspersed with wonderful views of nature, Alanya today, has become one of the most vibrant holiday resorts of Turkey. Its modern and cosmopolitan atmosphere are reasons why many tourists from all around the world vacation in Alanya all year round.

Tourists are drawn to the area because of reasonable prices, fantastic weather, sandy beaches, historic sites and fine cuisine. Beach activities in Alanya include wind surfing, parasailing, jet skiing, banana boating.

During winter tourists can alternatie time between the beaches and then enjoy various winter sports including skiing, snowboarding, tracking on the Taurus Mountains. Golf courses which serve all year around are easily accessible. Nightclubs, bars, restaurants and live music venues all provide an exciting nightlife.

The tourist industry here is worth over 1.2 billion euros and Alanya is generating 10% of the tourism revenue in Turkey, but the area is also known for its many fruit farms, particularly lemons and oranges, and large harvests of tomatoes and cucumbers There are flights all year to Antalya and Alanya is a 1 and ½ hour drive from the airport.

Flights from all the major cities of Turkey and Europe arrive at the international airport in Antalya


Dalaman is an area of natural beauty. It is located between the sea and mountains and benefits from its proximity to many areas of interest both historical and geographic interest (e.g. Dalyan mud baths, ancient tombs etc). Dalaman is rapidy becoming an area of destination rather than just a stop over on the way to some other resort town. Recent investments to Airport, road ways and the continuous development of the area is making it more accessable. Over - development and exploitation of the area is stopped by the protection afforded to the rare loggerhead turtles that frequent the river and beach. This should ensure that Dalaman continues to develop in harmony with its surrounding environment and retain its natural beauty

Dalaman is now rapidly becoming an investment area for many Europeans purchasing property for investment in Turkey. This seems due to many factors including the town being designated a main touristic area from now on: plans for new marinas and a golf course are underway.

Dalaman town itself has many shops, resturants, bars and tea gardens and is growing quickly due to the investment in the area. Dalaman has its own huge natural beach, although not overly commercial 'yet' it is still pleasant and hosts lots of wildlife.

The town is ideally situated for lots of resort areas but perfect if you prefer a quieter place to base yourself. There is also a tunnel underway to connect the town of Gocek and Dalaman, reducing the journey to only 5 or 10 minutes drive.

If you are in the area, make sure you visit the Dalyan (Köycegiz). You enjoy the Kaunos acheologist site and see the carved tombs in the Limestone mountain while crusing along the Dalyan river when you reach the shore, walk on Iztuzu Beach. The area is world's 6th most famous beach, it is 6 km long and enjoy the sea turtles (caretta-carrettas). The beach is a sactuary for sea turtles.

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